Choosing a Hat

When choosing a hat style it is important to consider body size and shape. Generally speaking, women with a medium to tall height (5’4’+) can wear all shapes and sizes.

  • Short or petite- try a low, shallow or sculpted crown, or an upswept brim
  • Full-figured and tall-try a large hat with an unusual brim
  • Full-figured and short-try a close fitting hat with a smaller brim
  • Very tall and thin- you can experiment with almost anything

Additionally, one may want to consider the shape of your face when choosing a hat.

  • Round faces are flattered by a taller crown to add length to your face
  • Oval faces look good with almost any brim
  • Long faces should try a wide or upswept brim for balance.
  • Square faces should try an unusual brim and larger crown

These are suggestions, not rules…so don’t be afraid to express your personality with a hat you love!!!